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Fertilize Your Trees and Shrubs This Summer – Here’s Why

After a long day of being in the summer heat, a cold glass of water in the air conditioning is just what you need. 

But what about your shrubs and trees? No, you do not need to build a custom air conditioner – you just need to fertilize them! 

Much like humans, trees and shrubs need essential nutrients to continue thriving. This is as easy as one annual application to ensure they stay happy, healthy, and boosting your curb appeal

Learn why you need to schedule your shrub and tree fertilizer today from the professionals at Weller Brothers in Sioux Falls, SD, and Rochester, MN.

Small trees in landscaping in Sioux Falls, SD by Weller Brothers Landscaping

Four Reasons Why You Need to Fertilize Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are living investments that grow in value each year. The foundation of their life span starts with properly maintaining them. Established trees and shrubs require appropriate and timely maintenance, such as pruning, watering, fertilizing, and mulching to enhance their health and growth.

1. Bigger and Better Flower Production for Shrubs

If you have evergreen shrubs (junipers, arborvitaes, or boxwoods) that are common in the Midwestern area, you have likely enjoyed  the aesthetic flowering season. 

Soil does not commonly contain the needed amount of nutrients needed to promote flourishing flowers on your trees, so fertilizer will prompt and support flowering. 

2. Vibrant Foilage Color

Fertilizers contain nutrients that trees need to continue growing lusciously. Nitrogen, which is commonly found in fertilizers, helps tree foliage maintain a vibrant and thick foliage. 

If your tree or shrub has a nitrogen deficiency, you may notice that the leaves are a pale yellow-green color. To properly diagnose and treat your tree, you should consult a certified arborist to ensure that pests and diseases are not playing a factor in the diminishing look of your trees. 

3. Stronger and More Resilient Trees and Shrubs

A healthy plant is a strong plant. When plants can grow at their full potential, they become stronger and able to thrive in harsh conditions. In the Midwest, we experience extreme heat in the summer, frigid temperatures in the winter, and inconsistent rainfall in the spring. Due to varying weather conditions, your trees and shrubs will need fertilizer to become more resilient to these types of conditions. 

4. Ability to Fight Off Pests and Diseases 

You might not have guessed that trees and shrubs have so much in common with humans — they actually do! Consider a strong plant to be like a human with a strong immune system that can fight off sickness. 

Fertilizing your plants will boost their immune system to help combat pests and diseases that can be harmful to their growth. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are common types of nutrients that are in fertilizer, and are essential to promote healthy plants.

Large evergreen tree in Sioux Falls, SD backyard by Weller Brothers Landscaping

Contact Us For Professional Shrub and Tree Fertilization

The certified tree care professionals at Weller Brothers are ready to work with you to establish a fertilizer program for your trees and shrubs in Sioux Falls, SD, and Rochester, MN.