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Foreman Fast Track

You’re a leader. Here’s your chance to grow.

Become a Landscape or Maintenance Foreman

In Sioux Falls, Rochester, or Des Moines

Looking for a career in the landscaping industry?

Whether you come to Weller Brothers with previous landscaping experience or not, all of our landscape and maintenance technicians have the opportunity to develop into a foreman through our Foreman Fast Track program.

You’ll receive on-the-job experience from our training team as you advance through the program. If you already have experience, we’ll take that into consideration as we create a plan together.

Once you graduate from the FFT program, we’ll recognize you at our monthly breakfast celebration and hand you the keys to your own Weller Brothers truck as you begin your new role of confidently leading a crew!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Foreman Fast Track

What is the FFT?

The Foreman Fast Track is a program we created to help expedite advancement opportunities in the landscape industry. You can join our team with little to no landscape or maintenance experience and begin the program, which is tailored to your current skillsets.

With consistent on-the-job training, you’ll work through the process and learn each skill needed to become a foreman.

How long does it take?

The FFT program takes up to six months to become a lawn maintenance foreman and up to two years to become a landscape foreman, depending on your past experience.

Will I get paid while in the program?

Yes; you’ll apply for a landscape or maintenance technician position and while in the program, you’ll be paid a competitive wage for that role based on your experience. Once you graduate and become a foreman, you’ll receive a pay increase.

What's the difference between a landscape or maintenance technician and a foreman?

As a foreman, you’ll lead the landscape or maintenance crew and be the point of communication between the designer or account manager and the customer. You may take care of ordering the material and communicating with subcontractors. You’ll manage the crew’s timesheets, delegate tasks, and ensure that the project remains on time and on budget.

As a landscape or maintenance technician, you take direction from the foreman to execute a project or work on a job site.

Foremen make a higher wage than a technician and have opportunities for other leadership positions, such as an account manager or production manager.

I already have foreman-level experience. Do I still need to do the Foreman Fast Track to be a foreman at Weller Brothers?

Yes, but we’ll take your past experiences into consideration when creating a plan. We’ll put you through the FFT, but it may only take a short amount of time to get you up to speed on our processes at Weller Brothers. For example, we have had new foreman-level employees complete the landscape FFT in just a couple of months rather than two years.

Why would I want to work at Weller Brothers?

We’re so glad you asked! We lay it all out for you here.

Can I do this at any Weller Brothers location?

You sure can. We offer the Foreman Fast Track program at our Sioux Falls, SD, Des Moines, IA, and Rochester, MN locations.

Who should consider the Foreman Fast Track at Weller Brothers?

You should consider joining the Foreman Fast Track program if you are interested in growing a career in the landscape or construction field, regardless of whether or not you have experience.

How do I get started with the FFT program?

Woo hoo; we can’t wait to meet you! Visit our careers page and apply for a technician position or foreman position if you have past experience. Let us know in the application that you’re interested in the FFT program.

“The Foreman Fast Track is basically what made me come to Weller Brothers. I saw that opportunity for me to grow my career in my experience of landscaping.”

Future FFT Grad

Arick - Landscape Foreman

Ready for this opportunity?

If you’re ready to advance your career in the landscaping industry by becoming a maintenance or landscape foreman in Sioux Falls, Des Moines, or Rochester, consider joining our team! Visit our careers page to see open positions and apply today.