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Weekly Lawn Mowing

Have the greenest, cleanest lawn on the block.

We provide residential and commercial lawn mowing services in the Sioux Falls, SD, and Rochester, MN communities.

A mowing team you can count on.

Get full-service lawn and landscape maintenance for one monthly fee. Weller Brothers provides a one-stop shop for comprehensive lawn care programs in a professional and timely manner.

With our weekly lawn mowing services, your account manager will be your point of contact and you’ll see the same Weller Brothers lawn care team tending to your property each week.

How It Works

  • We will mow all turf areas throughout the property once every seven days from approximately April through October.
  • In addition, our team will edge all walks, curb areas, and planting beds in concurrence with each mowing. We will also provide light clean-up, including air blowing of all walks and paved areas littered in the maintenance process.
  • Mowing height shall never be lower than 3″ and will be determined weekly or as needed to maintain lawn health.

Add-On Services

In addition to your weekly mowing services, you may choose to add on these additional lawn care services:

Spring Power Raking

We perform spring power raking between March 15th and May 15th, weather permitting. Weller Brothers uses a “brush style” and “metal tooth style” machines for removing thatch.

Summer Sidewalk Edging

We will curb edges where turf meets walks, paved areas, or curbing once each year. This service will be performed in July or August.

Fall Core Aeration

After September 15th and before the end of the season, our team will perform core aeration once each year.

Fall Leaf Removal

We will provide leaf removal service once every seven days in concurrence with the lawn mowing service. Our team will blow leaves from landscape beds, walks, and paved areas onto turf areas and then remove them with lawn vacuums and lawn mowing bagging equipment. We will also remove leaves from the street curb and gutter system along property lines.

One convenient monthly fee

Free Estimate

Our mowing rates vary based on the size of your yard, accessibility, and obstructions such as fences and trees. Please contact us for a free service estimate!
Weller Brothers member trimming lawn


Service Pricing

How can we help you get the best lawn and landscape on the block? Send us your name, contact information and choose which services you’re interested in, and our service manager will schedule a time to visit your property and provide an estimate. We’re looking forward to working with you.
The Weller Brothers Way

Get the job done,

The Weller Brothers Way.