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holiday lawn care gift options

Lawn Care – A Great Holiday Gift!

The holidays are here!

Perhaps you are stuck on gift ideas for several people in your life. It can be difficult to choose a gift that is thoughtful and useful.

If your loved one is in Sioux Falls, SD, or Rochester, MN, here is a gift option you may not have considered – lawn care!

This is a perfect idea for:

  • A parent who can’t quite do it all themselves anymore

  • A busy friend who can’t find the time to keep up with their lawn

  • A newlywed couple or first-time homebuyers in your life

We know that time is one of our most valuable assets. What better way to give the gift of time this season than to take lawn care off of someone’s plate?

Our 2024 Lawn Care Holiday Gifting Options

We have three different lawn care packages to choose from for holiday gifting:

  • Gift option one: 5-step fertilizer program – Starting at $325
  • Gift option two: option one + one-time sidewalk edging + one application of moisture manager – starting at $720
  • Gift option three: option two + weekly mowing – starting at $2,400

Starting prices are subject to the size of the property’s lawn.

To purchase a holiday lawn care package, reach out directly to your Weller Brothers account manager or designer or fill out the form here.