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Five Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Lawn Care Company in Rochester, MN

Maintaining a healthy lawn is no easy task.

Even if you don’t do the work yourself, it can still be time-consuming and frustrating to piece together professional services throughout the year.

“What’s my fertilizer guy’s name again? I need to get a quote. Maybe the college kid down the street will be around to mow this summer for really cheap. Shoot, I forgot to do an online search for an irrigation company to do my sprinkler start-up. Okay, now my grass is dying, and I don’t know who to blame!”

Yikes. Does that sound like you?

The Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Lawn Care Company

If you’re in Rochester, MN, and you want to eliminate this constant lawn care headache, it’s time to find a full-service, experienced lawn care company that you can count on all year long.

Here are the benefits:

1. You have one dedicated point of contact

When you have a contract with a full-service lawn care company, you will likely be assigned one dedicated point of contact to coordinate all of your lawn services, year-round.

At Weller Brothers Landscape Professionals, we call this your account manager.

You will have your account manager’s email and phone number to contact them should you have any questions about your contract, need to coordinate timing for a service, or general lawn health questions.

This means that not only will you not have to call around to coordinate your various lawn services throughout the year, but you also won’t even need to call our office, speak with our very friendly admin team, and wait for a callback. You can simply contact your account manager directly, anytime during the year.

How’s that for easy communication?


2. You have a comprehensive plan for your lawn with one team

There are so many factors that contribute to a healthy lawn. And, especially if your lawn is in rough shape to begin with, the journey to a thriving lawn takes time and care over the seasons.

When you hire one full-service company to provide your lawn care, you can work together to craft a long-term health plan.

You and your account manager will be on the same page about what your lawn health goals are and what it will take to get there, both time- and investment-wise. Additionally, you will know each year what your financial investment will be for the full year of services, which allows you to budget accurately.

When one company is taking care of all aspects of your lawn health, such as proper mowing, irrigation, and fertilizer, there is less room for error.


3. You're confident that a trained, professional team is at your home

When you hire a full-service lawn care company, you can trust that the men and women in your yard are both professional and – if applicable – licensed to do their job safely.

First, lets talk about professionalism.

At a full-service lawn care company, such as Weller Brothers, our employees have passed background checks and are required to follow our dress code policy while on the job.

We know this is important to homeowners because you don’t want just anyone in your yard or in your flower beds next to your windows. If someone is in your yard wearing a Weller Brothers navy shirt and khaki pants, you will know exactly why they are there.

Now, if you hire the random guy down the street for a one-off bed clean-up, you might look out your window to see some shmuck in a ripped cut-off tee and basketball shorts. Is he the lawn care guy? Is he a rambunctious neighbor kid? Is he running from the police and finding your bushes to be a good hiding place? Who knows . . .

Secondly, let's address training and licensure.

This is especially important when it comes to pesticides. Our team of pesticide applicators are Minnesota state-certified, and they renew their licenses annually by attending an in-person course.

If you just have a “lawn mowing guy”, he likely isn’t licensed to spray herbicide and pesticide on your turf, rock beds, and around your house. This creates a potential risk of the chemicals being applied improperly. They could be mixed too strong (which kills your grass) or could be too weak (does nothing). Or, if someone applies more product than needed, this is bad for both the environment and your wallet.

When you work with a full-service lawn care company like Weller Brothers, you can trust that all applicators are up-to-date on their licensure. That’s because the company will be liable if an employee is spraying without a license – a liability any reputable company will avoid.

4. You receive relevant recommendations for lawn improvement

When lawn care crews and account managers communicate regularly, the customer – that’s you – receives even better lawn care service.

At Weller Brothers, our knowledgeable crews are in constant communication with the account managers. If, for example, a horticulturist notices that your sprinkler head is broken, she will let your account manager know. Then, your account manager will send an irrigation technician to your home to fix it. All this happens efficiently, and you probably didn’t even know about it!

Similarly, when you have the same crew of lawn care professionals at your home each week, they can keep an eye out for developing issues.

Perhaps a lawn mowing foreman notices that, despite following an appropriate irrigation schedule, your lawn is browning week after week. He can let your account manager know, and your account manager may recommend a moisture manager treatment that allows your turf to better maintain moisture during dry periods.

This high-level context and knowledge of your lawn allows the professionals to make the right recommendations, which is great for both your turf and your budget.


5. You have a dedicated horticulture team

A full-service lawn care company will have built a team of people who have specific skillsets and knowledge regarding turf, soil, and plant health.
Sure, you can hire Joe Shmoe the “lawn guy,” but does he have extensive experience with all of the following:
  • correct mowing heights depending on the season
  • how to fix a broken sprinkler head
  • proper chemical mixing practices for fertilizer
  • why exactly your arborvitaes are dying
  • how far apart to plant echinaceas so they thrive

. . . probably not.

But, when you have a team, you get all of this experience in one. That includes a team of trained horticulturists who are dedicated specifically to caring for your landscape beds and plants throughout the year.

The members of our Weller Brothers horticulture team have degrees in horticulture as well as many years of combined experience working in different plant hardiness zones.

This means that your landscape beds will match the quality of lawn care you receive.

Connect With a Rochester Lawn Health Account Manager

Are you interested in getting started on a full-service, year-round lawn health program in Rochester, MN?

Your first step is to contact our office so an account manager can reach out to you. He or she will learn about your lawn health needs, provide an estimate for services, and answer any questions you may have.