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Sioux Falls Tree Health and EAB

Licensed and Certified Tree Health, Injections, and Emerald Ash Borer Experts

Emerald Ash Borer in South Dakota

We provide direct trunk injections with the top product on the market, giving you two years of coverage from your ash tree inheriting any emerald ash borer damage.

Before EAB arrived in Sioux Falls, we had one of only a handful of licensed arborists who were experienced in direct injections with a commercial applicator license. So when you’re looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced company, look no further.

Contact us today to save or remove your Ash tree.

Other Tree Health Services

Proper tree care is essential, especially in the challenging Midwest climate, where extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns can impact the health of your trees.

Weller Brothers is committed to providing tailored solutions that will keep your trees thriving for years to come. 

Here are just a few of the tree health services we provide in the Sioux Falls area.

Cambistat Growth Regulator

Cambistat Growth Regulator is a proven solution for controlled tree growth. By slowing excessive growth, it enhances tree health, reduces maintenance, and preserves structural integrity for lasting landscape beauty.

When to schedule: April - October

Bark Beetle Spray

Bark Beetle Spray is a vital defense against destructive beetles. Safeguard your trees with this preventive treatment, protecting against infestations and preserving the health of your trees.

When to schedule: May and August

Needlecast Treatment

Needlecast is a tree disease caused by various fungi that affect the needles of coniferous trees. It leads to premature shedding of needles, impacting the tree's overall health and appearance.

When to schedule: three times in the spring

Micronutrient Injections

Are your trees turning yellow before autumn? They may have a micronutrient deficiency.

Vital for chlorophyll production, this treatment ensures lush foliage, vibrant colors, and overall tree health, fostering resilience and longevity.

When to schedule: early fall

Winter Moisture Treatment

Shield your trees from winter stress with Wilt-Pruf. It forms a protective layer, helping trees retain moisture and endure harsh weather, ensuring they stay healthy throughout the seasons.

When to schedule: late fall

Root Excavation

Boost your tree's health with root excavation. By clearing compacted soil and removing debris, it helps your tree get more nutrients, stand stronger, and stay healthier.

When to schedule: November

Meet our tree health team!

They will provide you with their recommendations and expertise while coordinating your service with our experienced and certified arborists and tree health care specialists.

Tree Removal

Looking for tree removal, stump grinding, or climbing jobs? Our Sioux Falls certified arborists do that, too!

Learn more about our tree removal services and request your free estimate here.

certified arborist in boom truck pruning a Sioux Falls tree

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South Dakota, you have questions and we have answers! We have saved property owners hundreds to thousands of dollars in tree health care by providing the most accurate information and by using specific and detailed science-based protocols and treatments. Contact us today to have your property’s trees evaluated.
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