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Weller Brothers Announces 2024 Employee “Win the Day” Award Recipients

Congratulations to Senior Landscape Designer Chad Kasten and Maintenance Production Manager Tanner Schoenhard, the first recipients of our brand-new, annual Weller Brothers “Win the Day” Award!

For the first time since 2001, we are introducing an “employee of the year” type of award to the Weller Brothers team.

The “Win the Day” award is a great achievement for a Weller Brothers employee and is awarded to an individual who exemplifies our Roots daily:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • “Win the Day”

In the inaugural year of this award, the Weller Brothers leadership team selected Tanner and Chad as the recipients due to their outstanding contributions to team management and sales (respectively) in 2023. 

In future years, “Win the Day” winners will be selected through a thoughtful employee nomination process. 

We are so excited to introduce this award to our team and are thrilled to celebrate the winners each year! Read on and watch the videos below to learn more about why Chad and Tanner were selected for the 2024 “Win the Day” Award.


Chad Kasten – Win the Day Award Recipient for 2024

Chad Kasten and Cole Weller, Chad the 2024 Win the Day Award Recipient

“When thinking about this award, Chad’s name came to mind almost immediately. He’s just growing into the role and knows the value that he can bring to the company but also the influence that he can have on helping others.”

– Jill Holt, Weller Brothers CFO


“Chad is a major asset to our business here, and we look at that a lot in anyone who works with us. We pride ourselves on working with assets and that helps us build a better home. Chad, you’re doing a great job.” 

– Jesse Deffenbaugh, Deffenbaugh Homes


“Chad sets excessive goals for himself and he exceeds them constantly.”

– Ian Libby, Weller Brothers General Manager

Tanner Schoenhard – Win the Day Award Recipient for 2024

Tanner Schoenhard, 2024 recipient of the Weller Brothers Win the Day award

“The team at Weller Brothers is very wonderful, and one of the most important persons here that makes things wonderful is Tanner Schoenhard.” 

– Carlos Ruiz, Weller Brothers Lawn Foreman


“Why do I think Tanner deserves this award? It was a no-brainer for me. The first thing that comes to mind is that Tanner was put into his role abruptly and didn’t have a ton of time to learn as we integrated a brand new company into our own…coupled with unmatched snowfall totals, and he just came in and owned it.”

– Jill Holt, Weller Brothers CFO


“He’s like family. He and Sarah bring their daughters over at Halloween and Christmas, and they show us their costumes…It’s so hard to find someone that cares for your stuff like it’s their own.”

– Doug and Julie Lindner, Weller Brothers Clients

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We have the best team in the Midwest; we believe that you can be somebody here. These award winners are just two examples of that.

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