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Backyard Embers and Elegance

Anna Stadel, Senior Landscape Designer at Weller Brothers in Des Moines, IA

Design by

Anna Stadel

Imagine it’s a crisp Friday night in Ames. You’re snuggled by your backyard fireplace; the flames rivaling the roar of passionate Cyclone fans echoing through Jack Trice Stadium just down the road.

That’s exactly what these Cyclone fans were dreaming of when they came to Weller Brothers with a vision for a cozy and inviting outdoor area to host pre- and post-game festivities.

Our Iowa landscaping team created this outdoor living space with the mantel-style fireplace as the main focal point. Brick pavers complemented and extended the existing outdoor seating area. The custom-built pergola provides shade throughout while allowing enjoyment of the natural elements. 

For added privacy along the outskirts of the new patio area, landscape beds feature greenery and small trees. 


the Weller Brothers Way.