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Ravishing Woodland Rebuild

Michael Blazing, Weller Brothers Landscaping

Design by

Michael Blazing

The cohesive front and backyard design carefully considers the variety of sun and shade access in this Minnesota yard.

The existing wall was a deteriorating timber wall that extended beyond the property line into a neighbor’s property. The homeowner wanted to replace the wall with something new, adjusting the layout so that the wall would stay within their property. 

We used Versa-Lok retaining wall blocks and step units. This material allowed us to adjust the layout of the wall, giving it a long sweeping curve.

The backyard is quite shaded, so the planting layout uses an assortment of shade-tolerant plants to provide foliage color and quick bursts of flowers. 

The front planting design mimics the rear design, though we could incorporate a few sun-loving plants in this space. The use of ferns, groundcovers, and other shade-tolerant plants “woodland garden” feel as they continue to grow and spread throughout the beds. 


the Weller Brothers Way.