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Modern Minnesota Juxtaposition

Michael Blazing, Weller Brothers Landscaping

Design by

Michael Blazing

Sharp, clean lines and soft, feathery accents? Perfect.

When the owners of this home in Rochester, MN, wanted a landscape design that would complement the modern style of their home, they reached out to the designers at Weller Brothers to achieve the goal.

To create a sharp and modern landscape style, Michael implemented clean lines and large groupings of single plants into the facade.

The front of this home is eye-catching, and we wanted to accentuate that even more by designing elements that put the focus on the front while screening the driveway from view.

Next up – plants. Choosing the right plant material can create a softer texture, juxtaposed against the hard lines of the house and landscape beds. Michael opted for perennial grasses and flowers to create a feather texture as contrast.

The paver patio added to the front of the house creates a peaceful sitting space to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. 

The last element to tackle was landscape lighting. The house is well-lit, so we needed the landscape lighting to expand the front of the house at night. The added lights give the house a visually solid “foundation” at night so that the house doesn’t appear to be floating, especially considering there are no streetlights in the area.

We love how this turned out!


the Weller Brothers Way.