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Backyard Bliss

Cole Weller, Weller Brothers

Design by

Cole Weller

“Go big or go home” is the theme for this backyard. If you can’t decide which features to incorporate into the space you have, just incorporate them all!

From accent fire bowls to a fire pit and fireplace, this backyard has plenty of places to enjoy the heat and ambiance of a nice flame. Add a water feature, a full outdoor kitchen, bathroom, bar, swimming pool, hot tub, and plenty of paver pool deck for seating areas, and you have an entertaining space made for a magazine. Forget the watering — the raised annual planters and perennial beds are all watered with drip irrigation. LED low voltage lighting provides ambiance and functional path lighting to the foot traffic areas. We are proud to have designed and built this beautiful backyard! The Weller Brothers craftsmanship that put this project together is second to none.


the Weller Brothers Way.