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Multi-Level Outdoor Living

Cole Weller, Weller Brothers

Design by

Cole Weller

The covered grilling and living area flows perfectly off the interior dining room of this home. An outdoor TV above the patio door makes it a perfect place to watch the Minnesota Vikings.

The raised patio space extends out from under the roof, offering a spot to catch some rays. Step down the stairway to another large patio with a cut flagstone fire pit area. The integration of concrete pavers and flagstone provides a pleasant contrast between the man-made and the natural. Take another set of stairs up to a recessed hot tub situated off the master bedroom of the house. Radiant perennials, sightly grasses, and shrubs soften the hardscapes and offer year-round color and appeal. Low voltage LED lighting accents the stairs and living space for a delicately lit backyard.


the Weller Brothers Way.