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Backyard Oasis

Cole Weller, Weller Brothers

Design by

Cole Weller

Nestled into the Grand Prairie on the south side of Sioux Falls, this one-of-a-kind backyard transformation was completed in 2014.

The mission was to create a resort-like entertaining space; the challenge was that it had been done once before and failed due to poor drainage and frost heaving issues. Major excavation and the installation of a completely new drain tile and surface water collection system provided a well-drained foundation to build from. Frost footings under all of the structures were installed to prevent any future heaving and settling issues. The modern design of the house inspired the material selection for the outdoor space. Pergola beams were custom engineered to span 22’ without a middle support post. The modern “floating” fire pit gives a sleek look to the seating area. The bar offers storage with a fridge and an outdoor beer tap. Several raised planters were added for annual plant material to add bursts of color to accent and soften the hard materials.


the Weller Brothers Way.