Five Sioux Falls Tree Specialists Pass Arborist Certifications

Weller Brothers Class 2 and 3 Certified Arborists
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Five Sioux Falls Tree Specialists Pass Arborist Certifications

Weller Brothers Landscape Professionals does more than just lawn care. 

Recently, five tree care professionals have taken the next step in their careers to become certified arborists in Sioux Falls!

We are proud to congratulate Jamie Boock, Jeremy Ringgenberg, and Ashley Souphimdara for completing Electrical Hazard Awareness Training in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 and ANSI Z133-2017 standards 4.2 to be categorized as an Incidental Line Clearance Arborist (commonly known as level 2 arborist).

Jordan Ringgenberg and Phil Nystrom have completed Level 3 as Qualified Line Clearance Arborists and will maintain MAD (Minimum Approach Distance) from energized electrical conductors per Table 3 in the Z133.

Why are these certifications such a big deal for arborists? There are many benefits to hiring a professional certified arborist; check out the reasons below!

Why Choose a Certified Arborist?

As you consider your tree care or tree removal needs, you may wonder why you should leave the work to the professionals. A certified arborist earns this designation from the International Society of Arboriculture through work experience and education. 

To obtain certification, potential tree care professionals must go through an exam as well as an application process that includes reference letters and verifications. The whole process is what makes us, at Weller Brothers, proud of our entire team of tree care professionals! 

“Certification and furthering my education in tree removal is important to me because it continues to keep everyone at the job site safe, as well as our clients,” says Weller Brothers certified arborist Phil Nystrom. “Tree removal can be very dangerous if you do not do it properly. That is why our clients choose Weller Brothers Certified Arborists for their tree removal needs.”

What Can Certified Arborists Do for You? 

  • They have the knowledge and skills necessary to properly identify, maintain, troubleshoot, and care for your trees. 
  • They remain updated on tree care best practices through continued education to serve you better. 
  • They commit to tree care as well as working safely and effectively.

Contact Us for Sioux Falls Tree Removal

Our certified arborists will evaluate and access the best treatment or removal options for your trees. Contact us here if you need tree removal in the Sioux Falls, SD, area.

Three Big Promotions in the Rochester, MN, Lawn Care World

Rochester, MN, Lawn Care Professionals

Three Promotions on Rochester Lawn Care Team

Another day at Weller Brothers, another big promotion.

Scratch that – three promotions in Rochester, Minnesota!

We are excited to share that Nino Medar and Ryan Derleth have been promoted to Maintenance Account Managers, while Kirk Olson is now our Minnesota Branch Manager.

At Weller Brothers, our employees’ ambition for individual growth and opportunity is the driving force behind our overall company growth. These three employees making moves in Rochester are the perfect example.

Read on to get to know each employee and how they contribute to creating the healthiest lawns for our Rochester clients.

Kirk Olson – Rochester Branch Manager

Kirk Olson laughs during a team meeting at a Rochester, MN, landscaping company

Like many people, Kirk went to college for an entirely different industry than what he’s doing now. After graduating from Northern Iowa with a degree in criminology, he spent a year working inside a detention center in Colorado.

“I hated it,” Kirk says.

Discovering a Love For Lawns

For a change of pace, he found a job with a local landscaping company as a laborer and quickly found a new love for working outdoors. He quickly moved up into a foreman position, and eventually into a project manager role before moving back to the midwest and taking a position doing grounds maintenance at the Mayo Clinic historic properties.

“I loved working with annuals, perennials, and different types of trees,” Kirk says. “During my ten years at Mayo, I gained a lot of knowledge about turf and plant health.”

Eventually, Kirk was ready for a new challenge in the Rochester landscaping industry. He came across Weller Brothers online and reached out to the team.

“I was impressed by the work I saw on the website and thought, ‘Yeah, that’s who I want to work for.’”

Within a few months of being in touch with Brent Weller, Kirk came on board in a dual role as a maintenance and fertilizer technician, while also doing sales. By the summer of 2022, he had worked fully into an account management role.

Becoming the Rochester, MN Branch Manager

The thought of becoming the branch manager for the Weller Brothers Rochester, MN location hadn’t crossed Kirk’s mind until Brent and Cole Weller approached him about the opportunity. 

With Brent moving his family back to Sioux Falls in January 2024 and stepping into a regional management role (overseeing the Rochester and Des Moines locations) there was a need for someone to handle the day-to-day operations locally in Rochester.

“This is something I wasn’t expecting,” Kirk says. “They [Brent and Cole] said they have confidence in my leadership skills and thought I would be a good fit for the position.”

Brent points to Kirk’s natural leadership abilities as key to having earned respect from both his clients and colleagues alike. 

“Something that has stood out to me the past three years is Kirk’s ability to remain humble, while also inspiring and empowering his teammates,” Brent says. “He brings out the best in those around him, which was one of the primary characteristics we were looking for in a candidate for this position.”

Brent adds that Weller Brothers clients enjoy Kirk as much as the team does.

“Clients who have experienced Kirk’s professionalism firsthand often joke with me that they are going to hire him away from Weller Brothers.”

Despite these positive sentiments toward Kirk, he says that he still didn’t feel 100% confident in taking this new role, but both the Weller Brothers leadership team and his wife encouraged him to jump at the opportunity

“My wife was my biggest cheerleader and pushed me into this,” Kirk explains. “A few years ago, I went back to school for project management. She asked me, ‘Why did you go back to school if not to jump into something like this?’ She was right.”

Kirk Olson, Weller Brothers Landscaping

Looking Forward to Team Management

While Kirk’s new role as branch manager will have some overlap with his previous account management position – such as networking and business development – he will now be more involved in production and financials.

“I’ll be working on the business more instead of on the business; seeing what I can do from a high level,” Kirk says. “I’ll shift my focus to the profit margins for the entire branch vs. for a certain department, like I did before.”

Kirk says he is most excited about managing personnel in Rochester.

“I hope to have more time to be in touch with our team every day,” he says. “As a full-time account manager, I was busy most days meeting with clients and working on proposals. Now, I think I’ll be able to touch base with the team and make sure things are going well for them.”

Kirk adds that his goal is to keep building the culture that is already in place so that they can keep it alive as the team continues to grow.

When Kirk isn’t on the job, you can likely catch him around town coaching his kids’ sports or enjoying weekends outdoors with his family.

Congratulations, Kirk!

Nino Medar – Rochester Account Manager

Nino Medar, Weller Brothers Landscape Professionals

Despite having an experienced and professional team in Rochester, one thing that has been lacking in the office is someone who could “be a bit loud” and “get people fired up.”

Enter Nino.

Nino initially joined the team as a landscape technician and was on track to complete our proprietary Foreman Fast Track program. However, his experience in sales – paired with his energy – made him a great fit to move into a Maintenance Account Management position instead.

“I have worked in the construction industry since my early 20’s,” Nino says. “I’ve transitioned into different roles in other companies throughout the years, but fate always brings me back to my true passion – landscaping.”

A Love For the Job

Nino came to Weller Brothers through the encouragement of a coworker James, who he met through his son’s school. He says that having a simple conversation and seeing his excitement about work was enough for him to seek employment at Weller Brothers.

He says he can’t pinpoint just one “favorite part of his job.” He names the quality of craftsmanship, the teamwork he experiences at work, and the feeling of accomplishment in seeing a satisfied client.

When Nino isn’t on the job, he’s on the basketball court or cheering on his four children in sports.

Great work, Nino!

Ryan Derleth – Rochester Account Manager

Ryan Derleth, Weller Brothers Landscaping

“He has experience in pretty much anything landscape maintenance-related.”

That’s what Kirk has to say about Ryan, who started with Weller Brothers as a Turf Specialist in November 2022.

Ryan brings nearly 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, having started right out of high school and gaining a horticulture degree. He took a short break to explore the retail world, but quickly found himself back in the green industry. 

“I started working for Weller Brothers because I was looking for a change within the industry,” Ryan says. After sitting down with Brent Weller to learn about the company, I knew this would be the place for me.”

“An Easy Decision”

Nino certainly fits right in here, and we are grateful for his well-rounded skillset. Ryan is both a licensed fertilizer application and an experienced irrigation technician. He has experience in mowing and horticulture, as well as in production management and sales.

“This was an easy decision [to move Ryan into the account management role] due to his experience, knowledge, and sales record,” Kirk says. “He has in-depth knowledge of our lawn care services and how they can help our clients.”

He will certainly be an asset to our Rochester clients, as he says that his favorite thing about his job is interacting with clients and coworkers.

When Ryan isn’t outside on your lawn, he’s likely outside somewhere enjoying time with his family.

Welcome to the sales team, Ryan!

Learn More About Careers at Weller Brothers

Our team is constantly growing. As we create positions and promote employees from within, we are always looking to fill roles with talented, team-oriented people.

If you’re interested in a lawn or landscape job in Rochester, MN, Des Moines, IA, or Sioux Falls, SD, you’re in the right place!

Maxwell Tolk Promoted To Account Manager in Sioux Falls

Maxwell Tolk, Account Manager at Weller Brothers Landscaping

Maxwell Tolk Promoted To Account Manager in Sioux Falls

Maxwell Tolk, Account Manager at Weller Brothers Landscaping

Weller Brothers is well known for promoting from within, giving each and every individual the opportunity to advance their career as they gain on the job experience and confidence. 

We are thrilled to share that Maxwell Tolk has taken a leap forward in his career at Weller Brothers Landscaping in Sioux Falls, SD and has been promoted from Horticulture Foreman to Account Manager.

A Strong Foundation

Originally from Lake Park, Iowa, Maxwell attended Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls, SD, graduating in 2020 with a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design. After graduating, Tolk pursued an opportunity working in Vancouver, British Columbia for two years. 

During Maxwell’s time in Vancouver, he gained an all-encompassing hands on experience which utilized his degree knowledge while learning customer services and problem solving skills. Maxwell was the on-site point of contact for many of the HOA properties in Vancouver, which led him to branching out to find new growth opportunities.

Horticulture team at Weller Brothers Landscaping

Maximizing Potential

Upon his return to Sioux Falls, SD, he joined the Weller Brothers team as a Horticulture Foreman and continued to grow as a leader on the Weller Brothers Team. 

“I am very excited to have Maxwell on our team,” says Camrin Meyer, Weller Brothers Lead Account Manager. “His personality meshes perfectly in the office, and I know that his hard work and dedication to our customers is something that they are also going to love.”

Maxwell is very eager to be at the forefront of client interactions, ensuring that their landscaping and maintenance goals are not only met but exceeded. His understanding of landscaping services combined with his proven leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of Weller Brothers Landscaping in Sioux Falls, SD

I am always looking for growth opportunities in my career to learn new things and overcome challenges, while providing the best customer service possible,” Maxwell says. 

“One person that influenced and mentored me to take the opportunity of an Account Manager was Ryan Benda; he has a wealth of experience and knowledge that I learn from.” 

As Maxwell steps into his new role as an Account Manager at Weller Brothers Landscaping, we celebrate not just an individual accomplishment but also his commitment to excellence. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of his career! 

Learn More About Careers at Weller Brothers

Our team in constantly growing. As we create positions and promote employees within, we are always looking to fill roles with talented individuals. 

If you’re interested in a lawn or landscape job in Sioux Falls, SD, Rochester, MN, or Des Moines, IA, – Contact Us Today!

Weller Brothers Announces 2024 Employee “Win the Day” Award Recipients

Win the Day award winners Chad Kasten and Tanner Schoenhard

Weller Brothers Announces 2024 Employee “Win the Day” Award Recipients

Congratulations to Senior Landscape Designer Chad Kasten and Maintenance Production Manager Tanner Schoenhard, the first recipients of our brand-new, annual Weller Brothers “Win the Day” Award!

For the first time since 2001, we are introducing an “employee of the year” type of award to the Weller Brothers team.

The “Win the Day” award is a great achievement for a Weller Brothers employee and is awarded to an individual who exemplifies our Roots daily:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • “Win the Day”

In the inaugural year of this award, the Weller Brothers leadership team selected Tanner and Chad as the recipients due to their outstanding contributions to team management and sales (respectively) in 2023. 

In future years, “Win the Day” winners will be selected through a thoughtful employee nomination process. 

We are so excited to introduce this award to our team and are thrilled to celebrate the winners each year! Read on and watch the videos below to learn more about why Chad and Tanner were selected for the 2024 “Win the Day” Award.


Chad Kasten – Win the Day Award Recipient for 2024

Chad Kasten and Cole Weller, Chad the 2024 Win the Day Award Recipient

“When thinking about this award, Chad’s name came to mind almost immediately. He’s just growing into the role and knows the value that he can bring to the company but also the influence that he can have on helping others.”

– Jill Holt, Weller Brothers CFO


“Chad is a major asset to our business here, and we look at that a lot in anyone who works with us. We pride ourselves on working with assets and that helps us build a better home. Chad, you’re doing a great job.” 

– Jesse Deffenbaugh, Deffenbaugh Homes


“Chad sets excessive goals for himself and he exceeds them constantly.”

– Ian Libby, Weller Brothers General Manager

Tanner Schoenhard – Win the Day Award Recipient for 2024

Tanner Schoenhard, 2024 recipient of the Weller Brothers Win the Day award

“The team at Weller Brothers is very wonderful, and one of the most important persons here that makes things wonderful is Tanner Schoenhard.” 

– Carlos Ruiz, Weller Brothers Lawn Foreman


“Why do I think Tanner deserves this award? It was a no-brainer for me. The first thing that comes to mind is that Tanner was put into his role abruptly and didn’t have a ton of time to learn as we integrated a brand new company into our own…coupled with unmatched snowfall totals, and he just came in and owned it.”

– Jill Holt, Weller Brothers CFO


“He’s like family. He and Sarah bring their daughters over at Halloween and Christmas, and they show us their costumes…It’s so hard to find someone that cares for your stuff like it’s their own.”

– Doug and Julie Lindner, Weller Brothers Clients

Learn More About Working At Weller Brothers

We have the best team in the Midwest; we believe that you can be somebody here. These award winners are just two examples of that.

Learn more about joining the Weller Brothers team and growing your career with us.

Wes Busch Promoted to Landscape Production Manager in Rochester, MN

Wes Busch, Weller Brothers Landscaping

Wes Busch Promoted to Division Manager

Wes Busch, Weller Brothers Landscaping

There’s a new leader in the Rochester, MN, landscaping world.

After several years working on our team as a landscape foreman, Wes Busch is promoted to Landscape Production Manager at Weller Brothers Landscaping in Rochester, MN.

We are so excited to see Wes step into this new leadership role. He’s the right person for the job, and – for Wes – it’s been a long time coming.

Finding Advancement at Weller Brothers

Prior to joining the Weller Brothers team in April 2022, Wes worked as a foreman at another landscaping company for 17 years. Despite his extensive experience, both hands-on and as a team leader, he wasn’t finding the advancement opportunities he was after.

Through a mutual contact, Wes eventually connected with Brent Weller and agreed to meet up with him to learn about Weller Brothers, which had entered the Rochester market about three years prior and was actively looking to grow the team with experienced landscape professionals.

It was during that conversation, Wes says, that he finally found a place where he could continue to grow in his landscaping career.

“Brent and I discussed the paths that I wanted professionally, and he told me, ‘There is no limit here,'” Wes says. “That was enough for me.”

What really sealed the deal, Wes says, was when he asked about the flexibility for family time, like taking off early for his kids’ activities.

Wes says that Brent’s response was “no problem.” With that, Wes was ready to join the team as a landscape foreman.

Shifting Roles – From Foreman to Production Manager

The landscape production manager position became available to replace Matt Stadel, who is opening our Des Moines branch alongside wife and landscape designer, Anna Stadel.

With his experience, ambition, and leadership skills, moving into this role was the natural next step for Wes and the team.

In his previous role as a landscape foreman, he worked hands-on every day at the job site while managing a crew. As landscape production manager, his responsibilities will become broader.

“My new role will be split between office work and training for the crews,” Wes says. “On the job site, I will remain hands-on with crews to teach them the most efficient ways of completing landscape projects.”

When he’s in the office, his job is to make sure that projects are completed on time and on budget, while maintaining the high quality that Weller Brothers is known for. He will create timelines and project calendars and also manage personnel for the landscape division, including assisting HR with interviews and holding employees accountable for keeping great attitudes and showing up on time.

“I’ve been working toward a training-type of role for a long time,” Wes says. “I enjoy training and teaching people processes and then watching them succeed. Sometimes, people even find better ways to do things than what I taught them.”

Wes Busch of Weller Brothers Landscaping reads a landscape plan on the job site

Humility, Listening, and Patience – Wes’s Keys to Leadership

A key reason why Wes was selected for this position is his strong leadership qualities. It certainly takes leadership skills to lead a crew as a foreman, but even more effective skills to oversee and manage a whole division of crews.

Brent points to Wes’s humility as a key leadership trait.

“Wes came to Weller Brothers with a significant amount of experience, yet he also came with humility and an eagerness to learn from others. He has taken feedback respectfully, doesn’t hesitate to ask questions, and we’ve witnessed firsthand how natural it is for him to lead others.”

Wes says that he believes he has become a good leader because he has worked for so many bad leaders, and he learned from those experiences.

“I began landscaping at an early age and there were leaders who were awful at communication. They struggled to give helpful feedback and they had unrealistic expectations,” Wes explains. “I’ve learned a lot through my career of how not to do things. That’s helped me deal with all kinds of situations.”

Wes adds that because each person at work is different, a strong leader has to figure out how people best work together “even if they could spend their whole day butting heads and being unproductive.”

Brent adds that Wes’s approach doesn’t go unnoticed by his team.

“We’ve seen that his colleagues have respect for his work ethic, patience, and ability to stay calm under stressful situations while having compassion for others,” Brent says. 

Wes Busch of Weller Brothers Landscaping shoveling sand

Outside of Weller Brothers

When he’s not laying pavers perfectly, encouraging his team, or communicating with subcontractors, Wes spends his personal time outdoors with his family.

“I hunt, fish, and travel with my family,” Wes says. “My son plays baseball and my daughter plays soccer so I run around all summer. In the winter, I’m hunting and fishing.”

Wes’s Encouragement for Others

The leadership team at Weller Brothers has tremendous confidence in Wes as he steps into this new role. He has the drive, interpersonal skills, and attitude to lead a special team in Rochester.

Even with great skills and potential, Wes explains, some people still find themselves stuck and he offers his advice.

“There are so many people out there who are stuck in their comfort zone, whether with their job or just in their life,” he says. “Had I not taken a blind leap of faith into joining the Weller Brothers team, I’d still be stuck, too. Open up your eyes to what you’re capable of and try something new. If you’re on the right team, the sky can be the limit.”

Q+A With the Weller Brothers Admin Team

weller brothers employee laughing on the phone

Q+A With the Weller Brothers Admin Team

When you call Weller Brothers Landscaping – whether you’re calling from South Dakota, Iowa, or Minnesota – you’ll be greeted over the phone by a member of our friendly admin team!

These team members are vital to our day-to-day operations. 

One of our Roots (core values) is communication, and we take that seriously. It’s why customers choose us time after time. We could not provide the excellent level of communication that we do if it were not for our admin team, which acts as a liaison between customers and our sales team. 

Since you hear their voices on the phone, we wanted to do a fun Q+A with them!

Meet Kristen – Administrative Assistant

Kristen joined the Weller Brothers team in the fall of 2022. She heard about the available position from another employee and was ready for a change in her life.

Q: You do a lot of things here each day, but what are the three main things you’d say you’re responsible for?

A: The three main things I do on a day-to-day basis are:
  1. Customer communication. I answer phones and emails and serve as a key point of contact between our potential customers and the sales team.
  2. I also act as a liaison between sales and accounting by preparing purchase orders and other documentation.
  3. I bring energy to the office by joking and laughing loudly all day.
Q: What is your favorite thing about your job?

A: I feel like I have a sense of purpose. I’m not “just answering phones.” I accomplish many things each day that help people in all areas of the company perform their jobs. I leave each day feeling like I was part of a larger team effort.

Q: How do you look forward to continuing to grow here?

A: Everyone here is so talented, so I have grown a lot already by watching others in their positions and seeing how they handle situations. I look forward to continuing to grow professionally, emotionally, and as a leader by continuing to watch and learn from our team.

Q: What are important qualities that someone must have to succeed as a member of the admin team at Weller Brothers?

A: You have to have a positive mindset. Anyone can learn the tasks and our workflows, but do you like to have fun with your coworkers? Some days can be tiring if there are a lot of phone calls or we have some tough conversations with customers, but it’s all manageable if you can contribute to being part of a positive team. If you have the right attitude, you can succeed here.

Meet ReNae – Customer Service Representative

ReNae started working at Weller Brothers in the Fall of 2020 when a friend referred her. She brings a strong customer service and business background to the team.

Q: What are the main things you’d say you’re responsible for in your role?

A: I assist all of the designers by helping them communicate with their customers, and I assign and schedule meetings and follow-ups for the sales team.

Q: What are your strengths that allow you to succeed in your role?

A: I am good at adapting to the many personalities I talk to on the phone each day; I am a good communicator. I have a team mindset, too – I like that I get to help people in all areas of the company. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I bring amazing cinnamon rolls into the office on a regular basis.

Q: What’s a favorite memory from working here?

A: I was shocked by a moment that was caught on camera at our Christmas party in 2022. It was evidence of what a great time we had that evening!

Join Our Admin Team!

weller brothers employee laughing on the phone

We know that as you were reading this, you were thinking, “Aw, shoot – I wish I could work with this team!”

Well, guess what? We’re hiring a Customer Service Representative in Sioux Falls!

Take a look at the job description and apply online if you think you’d be the right fit. We’d love to meet you!

Harrisburg School District Launches Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program and Greenhouse Facility

greenhouse ribbon cutting at Harrisburg High School

Harrisburg School District Launches Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program and Greenhouse Facility

In Fall 2022, the team at Harrisburg School District approached the Weller Brothers team about helping them build an on-campus greenhouse for their horticulture students. 

Of course, we didn’t hesitate to jump all in on this project.

Not only do we applaud efforts to introduce students to all kinds of career paths, but we’re especially passionate advocates of workforce development in the landscaping industry. 

Harrisburg Receives Two Grants

Harrisburg School District (HSD) applied for two different grants related to the green industry:

  1. One that provides funding to build a student greenhouse
  2. A second grant program, the Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program through StartTodaySD, that offers a hands-on landscape apprenticeship program for students
Long story short – the district received both grants! We are honored to be an industry supporter of their efforts, alongside Southeast Technical College, the Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation, and others.

A Day of Green Industry Celebration

Harrisburg High School FFA members

On Friday, September 15, HSD and Weller Brothers hosted a full day of hands-on horticulture workshops and activities for horticulture and FFA students from Harrisburg and other local schools, as well as a Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony open to the public.

Highlights from the day included:

  • Garden Room workshop with Lisa Nunamaker from Paper Garden Workshop
  • Interactive, educational stations with the Weller Brothers horticulture team
  • Plant-based, horticulture-inspired henna from Henna Harvest
  • Cyanotype art activity
  • Lunch from local food trucks (Curbside Delights and Sala’s Salsas)
  • Live music from CommonGround
  • Coffee and snacks from Harrisburg High School’s ProStart Culinary students

Excited for What's Ahead

We are so excited for the opportunities that Harrisburg students will have to learn more about the landscape and horticulture industry through the greenhouse and the Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program. 

We look forward to having students join our team as landscape apprentices in the future, allowing them to jumpstart their career paths!

Thank you to the hardworking team of educators at Harrisburg School District who go above and beyond to make these opportunities available to their students. 

CommonGround musicians
crowd watches at the Harrisburg greenhouse ribbon cutting
Cole Weller speaks at the Harrisburg greenhouse ribbon cutting
Harrisburg High School FFA members and students
students learning
Harrisburg ProStart team
Brandon Valley students
Lisa Nunamaker from Paper Garden Workshop
students at workshop
Sioux Falls Christian ag students

Weller Brothers Receives a National Award of Excellence

Award-Winning Pool and Patio in Rochester, MN

Weller Brothers Receives a National Award of Excellence

We are proud to announce we have been awarded an Award of Excellence – Bronze by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

A Hillside Transformation

The awarded project in Rochester, MN, was designed by Matt Stadel.

For many years, this expansive backyard sported a large, outdated deck and unimpressive landscaping. The homeowners were ready for change, which included a pool and much more.

Given the slope of the yard and the area dedicated to the pool, the Weller Brothers team had a relatively small area to work within. Yet, the team cleverly fit all of the elements into this project that the homeowners were hoping for — a sunken hot tub, outdoor kitchen and pergola, fire pit, and lounging areas. 

See before and after photos, as well as a video tour of the project here.

“We met with Weller Brothers, and then three weeks later they came back with a plan. We were blown away. Every one of our items we wished for were on there; the design was incredible. After that initial discussion, we knew that this was the team we wanted to work with.”
loungers near a pool on a paver patio

About the NALP Excellence Awards

Each year, the National Association Landscape Professionals Awards of Excellence recognizes exceptional commercial and residential lawn care and landscape installation, maintenance, and design projects from around the nation.

This year, 194 awards were bestowed to companies for their outstanding work.

couple laughing by a fire pit

Take a Tour of the Winning Project in Rochester, MN

While you may not be able to jump into the pool or cook a meal on the Evo flat-top stove yourself, you can certainly take a virtual tour of this award-winning backyard in Rochester!

Then, once you’re feeling inspired, reach out to us to begin creating your outdoor living space in Rochester, Sioux Falls, or Des Moines. Who knows – maybe it will win our next award!

Weller Brothers Landscaping Expanding Into Des Moines

Matt and Anna Stadel at Weller Brothers Landscaping

Weller Brothers Landscaping Expanding Into Des Moines

The news is out – we are moving to Des Moines, IA!

After more than two decades in Sioux Falls, SD, and several years in Rochester, MN, we are bringing our talents to Iowa.

“We are so excited to bring our high-end landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance services to the greater Des Moines area through this expansion,” says Cole Weller, President and CEO of Weller Brothers Landscape Professionals.

The team we have moving to start the branch location are two of our best – Matt and Anna Stadel – and we know they are going to excel in Des Moines. 

The Timeline and Process

We will begin scheduling consultations for high-quality landscape design in Des Moines in August 2023, with plans to break ground on your new outdoor living project in early Spring 2024.

Our design offerings in the Des Moines area include:

  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Pools
  • Patios – paver, natural stone, and concrete
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor kitchens and custom masonry
  • Water features
  • High-quality outdoor furniture

You can see our entire landscape design process from idea to final walkthrough –as well as our design galleries – here.


Let's Get Started, Des Moines!

Iowa, you no longer have to look with envy at your neighbors in South Dakota and Minnesota who have access to award-winning landscape design.

Now you, too, can create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed about. Matt and Anna can’t wait to dream – and create – with you.