Harrisburg School District Launches Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program and Greenhouse Facility

greenhouse ribbon cutting at Harrisburg High School
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Harrisburg School District Launches Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program and Greenhouse Facility

In Fall 2022, the team at Harrisburg School District approached the Weller Brothers team about helping them build an on-campus greenhouse for their horticulture students. 

Of course, we didn’t hesitate to jump all in on this project.

Not only do we applaud efforts to introduce students to all kinds of career paths, but we’re especially passionate advocates of workforce development in the landscaping industry. 

Harrisburg Receives Two Grants

Harrisburg School District (HSD) applied for two different grants related to the green industry:

  1. One that provides funding to build a student greenhouse
  2. A second grant program, the Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program through StartTodaySD, that offers a hands-on landscape apprenticeship program for students
Long story short – the district received both grants! We are honored to be an industry supporter of their efforts, alongside Southeast Technical College, the Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation, and others.

A Day of Green Industry Celebration

Harrisburg High School FFA members

On Friday, September 15, HSD and Weller Brothers hosted a full day of hands-on horticulture workshops and activities for horticulture and FFA students from Harrisburg and other local schools, as well as a Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony open to the public.

Highlights from the day included:

  • Garden Room workshop with Lisa Nunamaker from Paper Garden Workshop
  • Interactive, educational stations with the Weller Brothers horticulture team
  • Plant-based, horticulture-inspired henna from Henna Harvest
  • Cyanotype art activity
  • Lunch from local food trucks (Curbside Delights and Sala’s Salsas)
  • Live music from CommonGround
  • Coffee and snacks from Harrisburg High School’s ProStart Culinary students

Excited for What's Ahead

We are so excited for the opportunities that Harrisburg students will have to learn more about the landscape and horticulture industry through the greenhouse and the Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program. 

We look forward to having students join our team as landscape apprentices in the future, allowing them to jumpstart their career paths!

Thank you to the hardworking team of educators at Harrisburg School District who go above and beyond to make these opportunities available to their students. 

CommonGround musicians
crowd watches at the Harrisburg greenhouse ribbon cutting
Cole Weller speaks at the Harrisburg greenhouse ribbon cutting
Harrisburg High School FFA members and students
students learning
Harrisburg ProStart team
Brandon Valley students
Lisa Nunamaker from Paper Garden Workshop
students at workshop
Sioux Falls Christian ag students

Weller Brothers Receives a National Award of Excellence

award-winning pool and patio in rochester mn

Weller Brothers Receives a National Award of Excellence

We are proud to announce we have been awarded an Award of Excellence – Bronze by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

A Hillside Transformation

The awarded project in Rochester, MN, was designed by Matt Stadel.

For many years, this expansive backyard sported a large, outdated deck and unimpressive landscaping. The homeowners were ready for change, which included a pool and much more.

Given the slope of the yard and the area dedicated to the pool, the Weller Brothers team had a relatively small area to work within. Yet, the team cleverly fit all of the elements into this project that the homeowners were hoping for — a sunken hot tub, outdoor kitchen and pergola, fire pit, and lounging areas. 

See before and after photos, as well as a video tour of the project here.

“We met with Weller Brothers, and then three weeks later they came back with a plan. We were blown away. Every one of our items we wished for were on there; the design was incredible. After that initial discussion, we knew that this was the team we wanted to work with.”
loungers near a pool on a paver patio

About the NALP Excellence Awards

Each year, the National Association Landscape Professionals Awards of Excellence recognizes exceptional commercial and residential lawn care and landscape installation, maintenance, and design projects from around the nation.

This year, 194 awards were bestowed to companies for their outstanding work.

Laughing by firepit

Take a Tour of the Winning Project in Rochester, MN

While you may not be able to jump into the pool or cook a meal on the Evo flat-top stove yourself, you can certainly take a virtual tour of this award-winning backyard in Rochester!

Then, once you’re feeling inspired, reach out to us to begin creating your outdoor living space in Rochester, Sioux Falls, or Des Moines. Who knows – maybe it will win our next award!

Winter Is the Best Time for South Dakota Tree Removal – Four Reasons Why

certified arborist in boom truck pruning a Sioux Falls tree

Winter Is the Best Time for South Dakota Tree Removal – Four Reasons Why

We currently offer tree removal and pruning services at our Sioux Falls, SD, location only.

When it comes to tree removal and pruning jobs in South Dakota, Weller Brothers is your go-to team of certified and licensed arborists. 

Whether you have a large, brittle tree that needs to be removed for safety reasons, a few branches that are simply obstructing a view, or you’d like to clear out a whole shelter belt on your acreage, we can help any time of the year.

However, the best time for tree removal and pruning is the winter time. Here’s why.

1. Enhanced Visibility

During the winter months, trees shed their leaves, unveiling their true branch structure. This makes it significantly easier for our expert arborists to assess the tree’s health and identify any problematic branches that need pruning.

With the foliage out of the way, we can precisely trim the branches without obstruction, ensuring a safer and more effective pruning and removal process.

2. Soil Benefits

The frozen ground in Sioux Falls during winter offers a unique advantage for tree care.

Frozen soil reduces the risk of soil compaction, a common concern during other seasons when the ground is softer.

Compacted soil can negatively affect a tree’s root system, leading to health issues. Winter pruning and removal allow us to provide the care your trees need without compromising soil structure.

3. Pest and Disease Prevention

Winter is a time when many pests are dormant or less active. By scheduling tree pruning and removal in the winter, you minimize the risk of infestations and diseases.

With fewer pests around, your trees are less susceptible to harmful invasions and infections, ensuring their long-term health and vitality.

4. Reduced Stress on Dormant Trees

Trees go dormant during the winter, entering a restful phase of their growth cycle. Pruning and removal during this period are less stressful for the tree compared to other seasons when it’s actively growing.

This reduced stress promotes faster healing and recovery, allowing your trees to flourish come springtime.

Schedule Your Winter Tree Removal or Pruning Today

Don’t wait until spring to address your tree care needs. Take advantage of the winter season in Sioux Falls, SD, and schedule your tree pruning and removal services with us now.

Our team of certified arborists is ready to ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your trees.

Contact us today to book your winter tree services and enjoy all the benefits this season has to offer!


Note – tree health and removal services are only available at our Sioux Falls, SD, location.

Weller Brothers Landscaping Expanding Into Des Moines

Matt and Anna Stadel at Weller Brothers Landscaping

Weller Brothers Landscaping Expanding Into Des Moines

The news is out – we are moving to Des Moines, IA!

After more than two decades in Sioux Falls, SD, and several years in Rochester, MN, we are bringing our talents to Iowa.

“We are so excited to bring our high-end landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance services to the greater Des Moines area through this expansion,” says Cole Weller, President and CEO of Weller Brothers Landscape Professionals.

The team we have moving to start the branch location are two of our best – Matt and Anna Stadel – and we know they are going to excel in Des Moines. 

The Timeline and Process

We will begin scheduling consultations for high-quality landscape design in Des Moines in August 2023, with plans to break ground on your new outdoor living project in early Spring 2024.

Our design offerings in the Des Moines area include:

  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Pools
  • Patios – paver, natural stone, and concrete
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor kitchens and custom masonry
  • Water features
  • High-quality outdoor furniture

You can see our entire landscape design process from idea to final walkthrough –as well as our design galleries – here.


Let's Get Started, Des Moines!

Iowa, you no longer have to look with envy at your neighbors in South Dakota and Minnesota who have access to award-winning landscape design.

Now you, too, can create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed about. Matt and Anna can’t wait to dream – and create – with you.

How to Properly Prune Your Trees

Shady backyard landscaping

How to Properly Prune Your Trees

Pruning your trees is an important part of maintaining the health and beauty of your Midwest landscape. Properly pruned trees can have stronger, more resilient branches and a more attractive overall shape. 

However, pruning can also be harmful if not done correctly, so it’s important to follow a few key steps to ensure that your trees are pruned properly.

licensed tree worker carrying a large branch

Why You Should Have Your Trees Pruned

First, it’s important to understand why you should prune your trees. Pruning helps to remove dead or damaged branches, which can prevent the spread of disease and insects. It can also help to shape the tree, directing its growth in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, pruning can help to improve the tree’s overall health and vigor.

Failure to prune can also pose a safety risk. In the city of Sioux Falls, for example, homeowners often receive letters regarding Project T.RI.M. This is a proactive tree inspection program to address low-hanging tree branches over streets and sidewalks. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain safe walkways for pedestrians.

Doing It Yourself? Consider The Risks.

We certainly recommend that you hire a certified and licensed arborist to perform your tree pruning. However, if you decide to do it yourself, please only do so for lightweight branches that you can safely reach from the ground.

We all like to save a buck, but let’s be smart. Only certified arborists should prune branches that:

  • Require any climbing to reach
  • Are large or heavy
  • Hang near or over property like a rooftop or cars
  • Might be diseased or infected

Also, a professional is insured should any damages occur. A branch may fall on your roof, and wouldn’t it be better to have them foot that bill? Or, what if you injure yourself while attempting to prune your trees, ending up with an urgent care cost?

By choosing a professional like Weller Brothers, you can have peace of mind knowing we are insured and will also carry out a risk assessment before working on your trees.

Now, do you simply have lightweight branches hanging over your sidewalk that need to be cut back? Okay, you can probably handle that.

Let’s talk about how to do it properly.

How to Prune Your Trees

Before you begin pruning, it’s important to inspect the tree carefully. Look for any dead or damaged branches, as well as any branches that are crossing or rubbing against each other. These are the branches that should be removed first.

When pruning:

  • Use a pair of pruning shears, loppers, or a saw, depending on the size of the branch you’re cutting.
  • Make clean, sharp cuts.
  • Cut just above a bud or lateral branch to encourage new growth.
  • Avoid leaving stubs, as these can lead to disease and decay.

Key Considerations When Pruning

It’s also important to prune trees at the right time of year

In general, it’s best to prune trees while they are dormant, in the late winter or early spring. This allows the tree to focus its energy on healing and new growth once it wakes up from its winter dormancy. 

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you need to remove a branch that is diseased or infested with insects, it’s better to do it as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the problem.

When pruning, it’s also important to consider the overall shape and structure of the tree. Don’t be too aggressive with your pruning, as this can damage the tree and interfere with its natural growth patterns. Instead, try to prune in a way that enhances the tree’s natural shape and form.

Need Tree Pruning in Sioux Falls?

sioux falls tree removal team wearing hard hats

Overall, pruning your trees can be a rewarding experience that helps to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. By following these simple guidelines, you can help to ensure that your trees are properly pruned and well-maintained.

If you have more important things to do with your time than giving your trees the TLC they need, sit back and contact the professionals.

Our experienced tree and horticulture teams in Sioux Falls, SD are happy to perform your tree pruning – or even removal, if needed. We have licensed arborists and are ready to help.

Note – tree health and removal services are only available at our Sioux Falls, SD, location.

Five Steps to Prep Your Yard for Winter

weller brothers employee blowing leafs from a rock bed

Five Steps to Prep Your Yard for Winter

The Midwest winter cold can be a huge shock to your yard, garden, and landscaping. It’s important to prep your yard before the cold sets in so that your turf,  plants, and flowers are ready to bloom again in the spring. 

Here are five things you can do as part of your landscaping fall clean-up routine.

1. Clean Your Pots and Containers

flower planter in front of backyard pool

This is a good time to gather all of your seasonal flower pots and clean them so they are ready for next spring. 

Remove all plant material from the pot. If the soil has become root-bound, remove this as well.  Removing the plant debris reduces the possibility of diseases being carried over to next season’s plants.

Clean your pots and bring them inside for the winter to reduce the risk of damage.

2. Cut Back Your Flower and Garden Beds

Cutting back your annuals, perennials, and shrubs will keep your beds looking tidy throughout the winter, while also setting them up for a successful bloom next year.

Annuals and Vegetables

As part of your fall cleanup, remove all of your annuals from pots and garden beds and till the soil, if applicable. If you have organic material like leaves and grass clippings, add these to the soil to help build nutrients. 

Note that it’s important to completely remove your vegetable debris (vine crops, tomato vines, etc.) from the garden as they can harbor disease and insects.

Perennials and Shrubs

Each type of perennial is different, but most should be cut back ahead of the winter frost.

  • Ornamental grass: Leave this 3”-4” tall if you choose to cut it back. Some people like to leave them for winter interest during the winter season; they provide a nice look with fresh snowfall.
  • Herbaceous perennials: Cut back about 1” above the ground.
  • Hydrangeas: Pruning techniques depend on the type of hydrangea. Some types can be cut back to the ground, leaving about 4-6.” Other types need light to moderate pruning,  to keep them in shape. There is no harm in choosing to leave these for spring pruning, as they provide winter interest.
  • Dogwoods: This is a very hardy shrub and can be pruned back 50%, removing any dead material.
  • Spireas: Cut them back to about the size of a beach ball.
  • Roses: Don’t do anything until spring. If needed, minimal pruning/shaping can be done in the fall if the rose(s) have become too large or are unsightly. Then, use a hand pruner to remove any dead canes so the roses have a neat, healthy appearance. 

3. Seed and Aeration Your Lawn

aeration plugs in someone's hand

If you want your lawn to be fuller and healthier in the spring, you should seed and aerate it in the fall.


You can purchase or rent an overseeder machine from a local hardware store. This machine has rotating blades that leave a groove in the ground, into which it deposits the grass seed. Confirm that the grass seed you purchase is right for the light conditions of the area (sunny vs. shady). You can then use this machine to plant the new seed in any thin spots of your lawn. 

The benefits of overseeding include:

  • Fills in bare or thin areas damaged by diseases, heat, water deficit, insects, pets, and foot and equipment traffic. It also increases the density of existing turf.
  • Reduce Risk of Pests & Disease: Overseeding will introduce new cultivars of grass seed that are more tolerant to pests and diseases.
  • Reduces weeds: Creating a lush, dense turf, is the best defense against weeds. 
  • Improves Appearance: Seed germination occurs in 7-10 days.
  • Reduce Erosion: Grasses have fibrous, dense root systems that do an exceptional job of holding soil in place.   
  •  Increases Thickness/Density: Turf becomes more durable, withstanding foot traffic and play, as well as holding up to natural weathering and environmental stress.
  • Reduces Chemicals: Maintaining a healthy, robust turf can reduce the chemical applications needed.  

Before beginning the work, check the yard for any objects that can be thrown by the blades/machine. Rocks are a common hazard.

As an alternative to renting an overseeder, you can hire a professional like Weller Brothers Landscaping to take care of this. We have all of the equipment needed and use professional, high-quality seed mixes/blends.

After planting the grass seed, do nothing. You don’t want the seed to germinate until the spring because cold winter conditions could injure or possibly kill the young tender shoots  The winter snow will help with insulation and soil moisture once spring does arrive, reducing the need to water the area as frequently.

You can put down an erosion control blanket to help protect the area until the seed germinates in the spring. This will naturally biodegrade into the ground over time. 

Lastly, when mowing your new turf for the first couple of mowings, be sure to bag or rake the clippings. Removing the clippings prevents the clipping from collecting on the turf canopy and killing or injuring the young turf.

Aeration and Fertilizer

Have you ever noticed clumps of dirt on a beautifully green lawn? That’s the process of aeration.

There are many benefits to aerating your lawn before the winter:

  • Improved air exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • Enhanced soil water uptake
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling
  • Stronger and healthier turfgrass roots
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown

To aerate your lawn, you can rent a machine or hire a professional.

In addition to aerations, a fall fertilizer application is very beneficial. If you chose to do both, apply the fertilizer first and then aerate your lawn. When applying a fall fertilizer, be sure to select a product that is low in nitrogen. Typical fertilizer bags will specifically say “fall” or “step four” on them.

4. Remove the Leaves

man blowing leaves from a flower bed

This is one of the most important things to do in order to keep your lawn healthy come spring. Removing the leaves prevents disease and insects from damaging your turf in early spring.

After the kids have enjoyed jumping in the leaf piles all autumn, you need to remove the fall leaves from your yard to avoid having dead spots in the grass next spring.

It’s way easier to do this in the fall than to deal with gross, matted leaves in the spring — trust us!

You can also mulch your leaves. This will require several passes with the mower in order to mulch all the leaves into tiny pieces.

5. Winterize Your Irrigation System

The last thing you should do as part of your lawn’s fall clean-up routine is to have your irrigation system winterized.

For this, hire a professional to blow out the irrigation system with an air compressor. This process removes any of the remaining water in your irrigation system so that it doesn’t freeze in the winter. If you skip this important step, it is possible that any remaining water in the irrigation system may cause damage to the irrigation system components, potentially causing a pipe to burst and creating water damage in your house,


Bonus tip: Don’t forget to remove the garden hose from your water spigot before the winter freeze!

Sound Like A Lot? Call the Professionals

At Weller Brothers, our team of landscape professionals does this kind of work day-in and day-out, all year long in the Midwest.

We know how to prepare your yard for each season ahead so that you can have the healthiest, most beautiful lawn on the block.

Want us to take care of prepping your yard for winter? Contact us today.

Three Types of Patios to Consider For Your Home

outdoor dining area with porcelain tiles

Three Types of Patios to Consider For Your Home

A patio is a common addition to any Midwest backyard, providing a sturdy and attractive surface for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

There are several types of patios to choose from, each with its own unique look and benefits. During your initial consultation with one of our landscape designers, you’ll likely discuss the intended use and desired look to determine which patio type is best for you:

  • paver
  • tile
  • concrete
  • natural stone

Let’s explore these patio options to help you decide which one is right for your outdoor space.

Paver and Tile Patios

beautiful outdoor patio work by Weller Brothers Landscaping

Homeowners in Sioux Falls, Rochester, and Des Moines often opt for paver patios because there are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, allowing you to create nearly any look you’d like.

Pavers also offer longer patio longevity; if one cracks, you can simply have that one paver replaced.

Types of Pavers

Our landscape design team sources patio pavers from the following brands – Techo-Bloc, Belgard, or Unilock.

All three brands offer high-quality pavers but specialize in different styles. The selection comes down to the color, finish, and overall look you want for your space.

Sometimes, we even install pavers from more than one brand in the same design to add contrasting textures or colors.


Typical Cost of Pavers

The costs of your paver patio can vary greatly depending on the brand or style. Generally speaking, they can range from $25-$35/square foot.

Scroll through the images below to see examples of paver patios installed by Weller Brothers Landscaping.


Tile patios are similar to pavers in that they offer a smooth, polished look and can be replaced individually if needed.

We can source tiles from a variety of places, but oftentimes, customers source these themselves and we provide the installation. We’ve even had some customers order porcelain tiles all the way from Italy!

That said, tiles can be a much higher financial investment, and they certainly add a wow factor to high-end landscape design.

Scroll through the images below to see examples of tile patios installed by Weller Brothers Landscaping.

Concrete Patios

A concrete patio is the most cost-effective of your patio options, and can still look fantastic in your outdoor living space.

Some homeowners prefer a smooth concrete slab surrounding their pool area or for their seating area, while others add a texture element with stamped concrete.

Take note – while a concrete patio may save you some money upfront, it could be a hassle down the road if you’re a perfectionist. One con of concrete patios is that if it cracks or settles in an area, you either have to live with it or replace the whole thing.

It’s totally up to you and your preferences!

Typical Cost of Concrete Patios

Like all patio types, the cost varies but a ballpark range is $10/square foot for plain, brushed concrete and $20-$25/square foot for stamped concrete.

The images below are examples of concrete patios installed by Weller Brothers Landscaping.

Natural Stone Patios

Natural stone – or flagstone – patios are the third patio option for your Midwest home. This type of patio offers an organic, rugged look to your space.

Again, it’s simply a matter of what your desired look is and how you plan to use the space.

For example, if you expect your patio or walkway to be a high-traffic area, natural stone may not be the best option due to the rough surface (which also makes it difficult to shovel).

That said, it can add lovely texture to an ancillary area in your space while complementing a larger, smooth paver area.

Typical Cost of Natural Stone

Natural Stone patios typically run at a similar cost to high-end pavers, or more.

For example, they can be anywhere from $25-$45 per square foot.

natural stone patio area with large custom fireplace

Questions to Ask Yourself

Now that you understand the different types of patios, you might feel overwhelmed. Let’s make the decision easier with a few simple questions:

  • How will you use the space? – If it’s a high-traffic area, flagstone, or natural stone, isn’t the best choice. Will there be kids running around the pool? If so, stamped concrete can be slippery. 
  • Are you okay with having cracks that may develop over time? If “yes,” and you’re budget-conscious, then concrete may be a good option. If you don’t want to live with cracks and settling in a few years, choose a paver patio so you can easily replace individual pavers as needed.
  • What look do you want? Do you want clean, crisp lines? Go with pavers or tiles. Do you like the organic, natural look? Then, consider natural stone.
  • What’s your budget? The cost of a patio varies, but, generally speaking, here is how patio types rank from the least investment to the highest investment:
    • Concrete
    • Stamped concrete
    • Basic pavers
    • High-end pavers
    • Natural stone/flagstone

We have a handy budget guide to help guide your landscape design decision-making. Check it out here. 

Proper Installation Is Key

No matter which type of paver patio you choose, it is important to have it properly installed by a professional, like the team at Weller Brothers. A well-installed paver patio will last for many years, providing a beautiful and functional outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Our team maintains certification from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, which means that we install patio pavers according to the highest industry standards. 

Visit our design gallery to see more examples of patios we have installed in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. 

To request a custom estimate for your backyard patio project, contact us here. Our talented team of landscape designers looks forward to bringing your project to life.

Ladies’ Night Summertime Soirée

outdoor pool at a white home with black and white furniture and outdoor living space

Ladies’ Night Summertime Soirée

Chad Kasten, Landscape Designer at Weller Brothers Landscaping

Design by

Chad Kasten
At Weller Brothers, we strive to turn outdoor dreams into reality. 
Our client’s backyard presented us with an intriguing challenge—a neglected pool and patio area begging for some tender loving care. It was clear from the get-go that this space had enormous potential, and our team couldn’t wait to get their creative juices flowing.

Porcelain Elegance: The New Patio

porcelain paver patio with a pool and black and white outdoor loungers

To breathe new life into this space, we began with the patio. We opted for porcelain tiles, a choice that not only exudes luxury but also provides durability that will withstand the test of time. We carefully selected these tiles to seamlessly blend the upper deck and the patio area, creating a harmonious flow that ties the entire backyard together.


Poolside Paradise

outdoor pool at a white home with black and white furniture and outdoor living space

The heart of any backyard oasis is undoubtedly the pool area. Our team knew that this required special attention. 

We gave the pool a complete makeover, transforming it into a sparkling gem that beckons for relaxation and enjoyment. It’s where you can soak up the sun, unwind after a long day, or entertain friends and family.


Beyond the Pool: High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

But we didn’t stop at the pool and patio. Our vision for this backyard renovation extended to the entire space. Our Furniture Design Consultation, Kari, stepped in to help the homeowners select sustainable, comfortable, and eye-catching outdoor furniture

The customers had a vision in mind – white and black furniture, mixing in different textures of material, which made our job easy.

We selected woven and aluminum pieces from Lloyd FlandersCastelle, and Summer Classics to accomplish the look and quality.


Outdoor patio furniture
outdoor couch and tables
black outdoor bar stools

Embracing Nature: New Plantings

We thoughtfully selected and placed lush, vibrant plantings to breathe life into the landscape. These additions not only provide a burst of color but also create a sense of privacy and tranquility, separating the backyard from the outside world.


Illuminating the Night: Low Voltage Lighting

To extend the hours of enjoyment, we installed low-voltage lighting throughout the backyard. This not only adds an enchanting ambiance but also ensures safety and security after sunset. Imagine enjoying a midnight swim in the softly lit pool — utterly magical!


The Ground Beneath: Mulch Beds

We know that details matter. We designed and implemented mulch beds to maintain the health of the plantings and ensure that the space remains as beautiful as the day it was completed.


rock wall and plant bed
mulch bed and plants in front of a black retaining wall


Nature’s Stairway: Natural Stone Stairs

To connect different levels of the backyard seamlessly, we added natural stone stairs. These rustic and elegant stairs serve both form and function, creating a graceful transition between spaces while enhancing the overall aesthetic.


backyard staircase
backyard staircase look down onto patio and firepit


A Backyard For Any Occasion – Like Ladies’ Night!

We’ve transformed a once-average space into a haven of beauty, relaxation, and functionality. Now, our clients have a backyard that invites them to savor every moment, whether it’s a lazy afternoon by the pool, an evening by the fireplace, or a classy ladies’ night with champagne and great conversation.

four women laughing at a backyard party
women standing at cocktail tables near a pool
bartender pouring champagne
women enjoying an outoor patio


Now It’s Your Turn!

If you’re dreaming of your own backyard paradise in Sioux FallsRochester, or Des Moines, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Our talented landscape design team is ready to turn your vision into reality, just like we did with this stunning backyard transformation.

Contact us today and let’s start designing your dream outdoor space.


the Weller Brothers Way.

Modern Minnesota Juxtaposition

modern rochester, mn home with paver patio, landscape lighting, and rock beds

Modern Minnesota Juxtaposition

Michael Blazing, Weller Brothers Landscaping

Design by

Michael Blazing

Sharp, clean lines and soft, feathery accents? Perfect.

When the owners of this home in Rochester, MN, wanted a landscape design that would complement the modern style of their home, they reached out to the designers at Weller Brothers to achieve the goal.

To create a sharp and modern landscape style, Michael implemented clean lines and large groupings of single plants into the facade.

The front of this home is eye-catching, and we wanted to accentuate that even more by designing elements that put the focus on the front while screening the driveway from view.

Next up – plants. Choosing the right plant material can create a softer texture, juxtaposed against the hard lines of the house and landscape beds. Michael opted for perennial grasses and flowers to create a feather texture as contrast.

The paver patio added to the front of the house creates a peaceful sitting space to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. 

The last element to tackle was landscape lighting. The house is well-lit, so we needed the landscape lighting to expand the front of the house at night. The added lights give the house a visually solid “foundation” at night so that the house doesn’t appear to be floating, especially considering there are no streetlights in the area.

We love how this turned out!


the Weller Brothers Way.